Smart Contracts & EVM Extensions

Ethereum Virtual Machine Extensions (EVM Extensions) are precompiled files or contracts that offer specific functionality and can be integrated into other smart contracts. EVM Extensions are compiled and pre-installed into the Ethereum Virtual Machine for future contract purposes.
Some situations may require extensive programming; in such cases, EVM extensions can prove very resourceful, saving time and extra cost of building these plugins or programs from scratch.
Vince Chain allows developers to utilize functionalities that are not at their disposal through EVM extensions. This makes building and deploying smart contracts faster and easy. The goal is to break down complex programming limitations and encourage faster and more efficient contract deployment on the blockchain.
Stateful precompiles are the current game-changer on Vince Chain, allowing developers to add functionalities to their EVM instances without writing a single line of Solidity code. Stateful precompiles offer developers a wider range of potential use cases that would’ve required extensive work. Developers can add state access and perform state transitions.
Here is an evolving list of EVM extensions that may be resourceful in your project.