Queries and Transactions​

You’ll occasionally receive prompts on Vince Chain regarding your activities onboard. These queries do not require further action or fee from you unless stated otherwise. However, ensure you pay close attention to details to avoid misunderstanding the query's intent. You can always get help from Vince Chain’s support team when necessary.
Network fees are your primary obligations on Vince Chain or any other blockchain. Depending on your activity, you may be charged network fees which are usually minute and may vary from one transaction to another.
After every dApp engagement, you’ll need to authorize the process on your wallet to signify completion, during which these fees are collated and approved. Transactions are simply activities or value exchanges permitted on the blockchain. Transactions may come in different forms, including token transfers, participation in governance, staking, farming, lending & borrowing, etc.
You can view your transaction process or activity using our block explorer, Vincescan, or block explorers like Etherscan, Mintscan.io, etc, for EVM-based transactions.