Developer Kit

Every developer should be equipped with the best tools to build efficient projects. These tools are an essential part of your blockchain journey. Developer kits make the job smoother and faster. Vince Chain provides and recommends the best developer kits every developer building on its chain needs at every instance. Here are some common tools that could feature your developer kit during your development journey:
Block Explorers. A block explorer helps you to track and monitor on-chain and off-chain activities. You can follow relevant transaction data and statistics in real-time. Vincescan is built to condense and organize all your on-chain transactions on Cosmos and EVM in an orderly fashion. You can understand—from a glance—all your chain activities.
Oracles. Oracles are third-party protocols or services that provide real-world information to blockchain applications and systems. With oracles, dApps can see and comprehend real-world data in real-time.
Vince clients. For your decentralized application to interact successfully with Vince Chain, there must be a link between the mainnet and the dApp. Vince Client links your dApps to our mainnet, allowing a full grasp of the chain’s richness.
Indexers. Indexers compile and broadcast data so developers can easily access them on Block Explorer. Blockchain data can be complicated, especially for junior devs; however, indexers help to simplify these data and stats.
Contract audits and verification. Another tool worth being in a developer kit. Audit verifiers should be integrated and accessible to users for transparency among the dApp devs, as well as checks and balances that help prevent users from using malicious or fraudulent contracts.
Plugins, tools, IDEs.