Vince Chain on-chain governance protocol allows anyone to make changes to the network. This protocol involves staking and delegating a stipulated amount of your asset as defined by the governance terms.
Some governance benefits on Vince Chain include: voting on changes on the network, such as changing how liquidity is collated and distributed, staking amount, Vince Chain nodes and validators, Vince Chain software upgrades and integrations, liquidity/community pool activities, etc.
The community plays a huge role in deciding developers' fates. Developers who wish to contribute to the network may propose such via Github or Vince Chain community unit. Such a proposal will be decided by popular vote from the other developers within the community. To qualify to be part of Vince Chain’s community, you must stake the minimum amount stipulated in the protocol. The value of your stake determines the weight of your vote.
</Image of Vince Chain governance page>
Vince Chain has a flexible governance schedule and constantly publishes governance proposals on its governance dashboard. Qualified members (those that have successfully staked on Vince Chain) can head on to the governance dashboard and vote on these published proposals.