View Balances

Asides from viewing your balance on your wallet, you can view asset balances (in USD) directly on Vince Chain. This Vince Chain functionality encourages excellent user experience, especially when navigating and using Vince Chain products and services, including those of third-party patrons or developers.
The $VCE coin is the primary coin on Vince Chain and can be used to navigate Vince Chain and perform transactions easily, including providing liquidity, staking, and governance. With more integrations and innovation on Vince Chain, we could see more use cases for $VCE.
Like many other crypto assets, you can view your $VCE balances in your local currency; primarily, they are displayed in the United States Dollars (USD). Also, the value of the $VCE is dependent on the demand and supply of the coin in the exchange market. Vince Chain does not involve malicious price inflations to keep VCE relevant; the VCE community is responsible for governance and maintaining the integrity of the token.
It is also important to note that assets whitelisted on Vince Chain could have different token standards, eg., ERC20, IBC, ERC721, BEP20, etc. Although there are protocols in place that trivialize concerns regarding misconceptions, users have to cross-check transactions before approving them.
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