Vince Chain Onramp

Onramping on Vince Chain can be done through Blithe Wallet or any other whitelisted decentralized application like Blokramp. Onramping is simply liquidating crypto or fiat using a medium. In this case, you could use third-party services like MoonPay or decentralized services like Blithe Wallet.
Note: gas payments may be needed to avoid overcrowding the network and causing unnecessary congestion. This fee is meager compared to what you may usually pay on other blockchains.
To onramp on Vince Chain:
  • simply visit Blokramp or use Blithe Wallet, then choose crypto (eg. $VCE)
  • Or ask a friend to transfer you some $VCE coins
  • Or use third-party onramp services like MoonPay C14, etc.