Learn to link your Keplr wallet to Vince Chain.
Learn to link your Keplr wallet to Vince Chain.

What is Keplr?

Keplr is an open-source web application, mobile application, and browser extension wallet supporting Cosmos blockchain and Cosmos-based blockchains. Keplr is fully functional on Vince Chain and can be used to manage on and off-chain activities.
You can connect and use your Keplr wallet on Vince Chain as follows:

Install Keplr

The first step to using Keplr on Vince Chain is installing the wallet. As mentioned earlier, Keplr is primarily the wallet for Cosmos-based transactions.
You can install the Keplr model you want by visiting its official website. There you can find quick links to install the web, desktop, or mobile versions.

Keplr Web App

The Keplr web app (browser extension) can be used to access and manage assets and user identities in the Cosmos ecosystem. Like Metamask, you can install and access Kepr easily through a browser.
After installing Keplr (web, desktop, or mobile), you can connect to Vince Chain mainnet and testnet. Additionally, you can send and receive crypto, claim incentives, participate in governance, and interact with Vince Chain fully.
The Keplr web app extension is supported on Chromium-based browsers, including Chrome and Firefox.

Set up Keplr​

After installing Keplr (eg. browser extension), open it and begin setting it up. There are different methods to create your Keplr account
  • One-click Google sign-in
  • Seed phrase/mnemonics method (create a new account or import existing account)
  • Connect external or hardware wallet (eg. Ledger and Keystone)
Signing in with Google is pretty straightforward with one-click.
Alternatively, you can use the seed phrase/mnemonic method. To do this:
1. Choose ‘create a new account.’ Old users can simply click on ‘import existing account.’
2. Copy seed phrase. There are two options to pick from: the 12-seed phrase option or the 24-seed phrase option. No one is more secure than the other, just preferences.
3. Choose an account and enter/confirm your new password. You’ll need your password during transaction authorization.
4. Enter the seed phrase in the right order and click continue.
There are resources online to help you understand Keplr better, such as this Keplr Documentation or Medium Blog
Creating an account with one-click Google sign-in
We recommend using the seed phrase or hardware wallet method. Otherwise, you may still sign in using the one-click Google sign-in method if you insist.
  1. 1.
    Choose ‘Sign in with Google’
  2. 2.
    Enter the email/phone number linked to your Google account. Enter your Google password and click ‘Next.’
  3. 3.
    Set your password and click ‘Confirm.’

Import an Existing Account

Depending on your previous experience, you can import an existing wallet on Keplr. Keplr supports hardware wallet functionalities. Meaning you can access your hard wallet and manage your identity on Keplr.
That said, you can import:
  1. 1.
    Your existing Keplr wallet via a mnemonic/seed phrase/private key
  2. 2.
    Ledger or Keystone wallet on Keplr
Import an Account with a Seed Phrase​
1. After installing Keplr, choose “Import Existing Account'' from the list provided
2. Enter your mnemonic/seed phrase/private key in the correct order in their respective boxes. You could also copy and paste the seed phrase from a docs file. Ensure the words are spelled correctly and separated with spaces.
3. Ensure the account is viewable by clicking on ‘Advanced.’ This helps to check if the account was created with the right derivation path.
Usually, derivation paths start at m/44’/…’/0/0/0. However, there could be exceptions, making yours different from what is stated before. There is a chance your derivation path will end with 1 or thereabout rather than 0.
Perhaps, you may have to restart the process, replacing the concluding ‘0’ with 1. You can get help from Keplr’s FAQ
4. Set your password and click ‘Confirm.’
Importing a Ledger account on Keplr
1. After installation, choose Import Ledger.
  • Keystone Wallet importation is now fully functional on Keplr. Using the same method as Ledger, you can import your Keystone wallet.
  • Before continuing this process, make sure to install Cosmos and Ethereum Ledger apps on your Ledger device.
2. Next step is to connect your Ledger device to Keplr.
Help: This Medium post gives an in-depth explanation on successfully performing this process.
3. Create your password and click ‘Confirm.’
4. Open the Ethereum app on Ledger and select “Vince Chain'' from the Keplr chain registry to connect the public key.
Note: the Ethereum Ledger will use the default EIP-712 transactions or standard Ethereum transactions.

Connecting Keplr to Vince Chain Mainnet

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Registering Interchain Name Service (ICNS)

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