Vince Chain Governance

Learn about Vince Chain governance structure


Vince Chain relies on its governance protocols to approve proposals, change chain parameters, and spend and distribute funds within the community or ecosystem, among other functions.

Vince Chain Governance Structure

Vince Chain governance structure implies its beareucractic process during on-chain and off-chain governance. They basically include communication, discussion venues and decision-making.


Vince Chain's governance processes and decisions are communicated efficiently through different documents and presentations, including
  • Architecture Decision records,
  • On-chain governance proposals,
  • Technical specs.


Decision-making during governance occurs openly by qualified participants. Everyone gets a fair share of voting power based on the VCE delegated. Any other involvement occurs organically.

Discussion Venues

Discuss venues for Vince Chain governance functions are basically social media community channels like GitHub, Telegram, Twitter, Discord, etc. Individuals with varying interests and roles that also meet the governance requirements (including users, validators, delegators, developers, Vince Chain Labs board members, etc.) are welcome to contribute during governance sessions.
  • Telegram
    • General Vince Chain Telegram group
  • Twitter
    • Official Vince Chain Twitter
  • Commonwealth (Coming Soon!)
    • All-in-one platform to discuss, vote, and fund projects together
    • Vince Chain proposals list
  • Vince Chain Discord (Coming Soon!)
    • An ecosystem with an active developer presence. Servers include:
    • 🏛│governance channel for discussing proposals, upgrades, etc.
    • 📜│proposals channel for a full list of proposals.
    • ⏫│upgrades channel for upcoming software upgrades.