What are EVM Smart Contracts?

The introduction of smart contracts by Ethereum was a significant milestone in the blockchain world. It brought meaning to everything Nick Szabo and Satoshi Nakamoto detailed in their original whitepapers. Smart contracts link blockchain technology with real-world use cases—that’s why we believe there could be a fully-decentralized internet and ecosystem in the future called Web3.
People can now control digital assets through smart contracts and build decentralized applications on virtual machines. Whether you’re building a unique decentralized product or service or integrating from another virtual machine, Vince Chain is designed as a central engine for cross-chain dApps. Vince Chain allows developers to utilize industry-grade tools like Remix IDE, Solidity, Oracles, JSON-RPC, etc.
Eventually, you are presented with a user-friendly and familiar environment to build scalable interoperable applications. More details on building and deploying smart contracts are outlined below.